French Blonde Cocktail

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Refreshing grapefruit juice, gin, and elderflower liqueur are the three ingredients that go into the creation of this zesty cocktail, which is a very unique beverage.

In order to create a French blonde cocktail, you will need to combine grapefruit juice, gin, Lillet Blanc, elderflower liqueur, and lemon bitters in a cocktail shaker. After that, you will just shake the mixture and strain it into a cocktail glass. This cocktail is both easy to make and very complex in flavor. Although this drink has been around for almost a century, it is currently experiencing a renaissance in popularity as a result of the musician Taylor Swift. It has been said that the pop singer, who began her career as a musician in Nashville, expressed her obvious enthusiasm for the citrusy beverage during festivities that took place after Kansas City Chiefs games.

French Blonde Cocktail
French Blonde Cocktail

The components that go into a French Blonde

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All of these cocktails will be ready to be served in a bar that is well-stocked: When employed with a cocktail shaker, you will require a substantial amount of ice in order to guarantee that the cocktail is perfectly frozen.
Grapefruit juice made from fresh grapefruit: White grapefruit is the classic one, but we also enjoy ruby red grapefruit because of its beautiful color and sweet flavor. We strongly suggest that you use fresh juice rather than bottled juice, regardless of the option you select.
For the purpose of producing a distinctive French aperitif, Lillet Blanc is a fortified wine that is produced by infusing wine with a proprietary blend of citrus liqueurs and other aromatic ingredients.
Dry gin: For this drink, we like a gin that is citrus- and spice-forward, such as Bombay Sapphire, because it will combine nicely with the citrus tastes that come from the other


Although that is the case, you are free to use the gin of your choice in this cocktail.
Elderflower liqueur: A small amount of elderflower liqueur goes a long way toward imparting a touch of flowery richness to the beverage.
An additional dash or two of lemon bitters is all that is required to complete the flavor profile of the beverage. Should you are unable to locate lemon bitters, orange bitters are an excellent alternative.Tutorial on How to Prepare a French Blonde Cocktail
Our favorite thing about this cocktail is that it is simple to create and shake, and it does not require any elaborate garnishes.the te.cktails:A cocktail shaker should be loaded with a substantial amount of ice.
Adding your drink’s components is the second step.
Shake the mixture until it is completely cooled, and then strain it into a coupe glass or a Nick and Nora glass.Ideas for the Ingredients That Are Still Available
If you wanted to make a French blonde but didn’t have all of the necessary ingredients in your bar, you could be looking for methods to use up the items that you didn’t have before. There are a few concepts that we have:Elderflower liqueur: Try our Elderflower Champagne Cocktail, The Dogwood, or add a splash to a French 75. Both of these beverage options are available.

French Blonde Cocktail
French Blonde Cocktail

A Lillet Blanc is: You can try using Lillet Blanc in a spritz to make a cocktail that has a low alcohol content and is easy to drink. Lillet and club soda are simply mixed together in equal parts, and then a splash of citrus juice is added, or an orange slice is served alongside the drink.
A classic martini or Chilton Cocktail would benefit from the addition of a few dashes of lemon bitters. For a cocktail that is nearly completely devoid of alcohol, you might also try a drink called Bitters and Soda. To make this drink, simply add a few dashes of bitters to club soda (or another type of sparkling water) and finish it off with a little citrus juice or slice (lemon, orange, lime, or grapefruit are all excellent options).

A Ginger Rogers Cocktail, Cucumber-Jalapeno Gin Coolers, or a Salty Dog Cocktail are all great options for a gin drink.

Aspects to Consider Ice

quarter of a cup (two ounces) of fresh grapefruit juice

Half a cup (two ounces) of Lillet Blanc

Three tablespoons, or one and a half ounces, of dry gin

1 tablespoon (half an ounce) of elderflower liqueur (like St. Germain, for example)

The lemon bitters, three dashes

French Blonde Cocktail
French Blonde Cocktail

The directions

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add it to the mixture.

The shaker should be filled with the following ingredients: grapefruit juice, Lillet, gin, elderflower liqueur, and bitters will be added.

The shaker should be closed and aggressively shaken for thirty seconds, or until the mixture is very chilled.

To strain, pour the liquid into a coupe glass or a Nick and Nora glass.

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