Fans react to Deshaun Watson’s decision not to play in the NFL.

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On Sunday, Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski provided some interesting insight into Deshaun Watson’s injuries.

The team’s medical department cleared Cleveland’s $230 million man to play against the Ravens, according to Stefanski. But the quarterback finally concluded that he wasn’t quite ready.
On social media, fans reacted to Watson’s decision.

“A couple years ago I flew all the way to Cleveland to watch a one armed Baker Mayfield get willingly shelled by the Cardinals for four straight quarters,” Brett Kollmann recounted.
“Before a bye week, too,” noted the Faithful Dawgs Podcast. “Because we lost, fans will be disappointed that he did not play.” But these players are aware of their bodies. There is still a long season remaining. He made a wise decision if he couldn’t give his all or risk further harm to his throwing shoulder.”
“Browns: Excellent news, the doctors have cleared you to play! … DW: My body still doesn’t feel right… CLE: But it’s at home versus a division rival… DW: I am the most familiar with my own body… CLE: Don’t say anything… DW: And what my body truly requires is a massa-… A user joked, “CLE: Jesus Christ, we’re sitting you.”
“I can’t believe this s–t… Kevin Stefanski allowed Baker Mayfield play the entire season while knowing he was hurt, but Deshaun gets a bruise and misses a divisional rivalry game… who thinks this nonsense makes sense?!!! “NOT ME!!!” a fan exclaimed on Twitter. “Y’all working for VEGAS.”
“This is the same Watson that drove a bus to Jacksonville because he wasn’t able to fly with the team due to broken ribs, and a partially collapsed lung?” Someone else inquired. “He’s not the same anymore….”
The Browns were shutout for three quarters and fell 28-3. After the bye week, they travel to San Francisco in Week 6.
During Monday night’s Browns-Steelers game, Deshaun Watson grabbed an official and shoved him out of the way. It somehow did not even result in a flag.

If a player touches an official, the officiating crew has the ability to dismiss the offender from the game. At the very least, that play may result in a 15-yard penalty.

However, the ref who was assaulted by Watson made no significant choices. Watson was allowed to continue playing.

NFL supporters are outraged that he was not ejected for his antics.

“It appears that Deshaun Watson got away with touching an official.” “It’s usually a no-no,” Ari Meirov explained.

“Deshaun Watson communicated with an official.” “He should be ejected,” ProFootballTalk remarked.
“Wow, Deshaun Watson pushed an official…”Why wasn’t he ejected?” JPAFootball wondered.
“Deshaun Watson should have been thrown out here. “Automatically,” Andrew Fillipponi stated.
“I think DeShaun Watson got away with it here. Should he have been thrown out for this?” questioned The GOAT House.
It’s amazing Watson got away with this one. He didn’t, however, escape with a victory.

Fans react to Deshaun Watson’s decision not to play in the NFL.

The Steelers defeated the Browns 26-22 on Monday night at Heinz Field.
Watson was perhaps the NFL’s worst starting quarterback in his rookie season with the Cleveland Browns. At times, he appeared to be a shell of the talent we saw with the Houston Texans. Watson… didn’t appear much better to start 2023 against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Especially after this dreadful interception, which may already be the worst selection for any QB this season. I’m not sure what happened — was it tipped? Watson may have thought he got a free pass, but there’s no explanation for this truly awful duck.
Man. If you’re Watson, I’m not sure how you could possibly defend that play. That’s a throw he’ll want to watch again in a close game against a key divisional opponent. Unfortunately for him, we’ll be replaying the selection for the next five months, wondering how and why the ball got out of his hand in the first place.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Deshaun Watson will not be able to play today due to a shoulder injury. According to reports, the Browns will now look to fifth-round pick Dorian Thompson-Robinson.
“The next man up.” He did everything he could to get away. “With an early bye, the team is going with a long game and a safe route,” Zach Frydenlund explained.

“While obviously not ideal, DTR deserves our FULL support & the same energy we would have if watson was out there,” one a supporter. “Today, the stadium had better be LOUD!” With this defense, we should only require ordinary quarterback play. We should be fine if we don’t turn the ball over.”
“Feels like an impending disaster,” Jeff D. Lowe stated. “WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE are at ease with DTR making his first start against the Ravens defense.” This team with a decent ground game and possibly Chubb… However, the ground game is lacking. This is not a nice combination at all. I’m hoping I’m mistaken.”
Thompson-Robinson was a standout in Chip Kelly’s UCLA offense and looked good in preseason action this summer.

On Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens rolled the Cleveland Browns like a cheap Wal-Mart area rug, winning 28-3 in a game that never felt close.

With quarterback Deshaun Watson out for an entire week due to a shoulder bruise, the Browns were forced to start rookie quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson against the Ravens.
“DTR,” as he’s affectionately known around town, looked every inch the rookie making his first NFL start against a storied defense like the Ravens. He finished the game with 19 completions on 36 passes for 121 yards and three touchdowns. He was also sacked four times against the Ravens.

During the game, CBS commentators disclosed that an MRI found fluid around Watson’s rotator cuff. Despite fans’ long-term fears, head coach Kevin Stefanski stated on Monday that team doctors cleared Watson to play against the Ravens, and the quarterback chose to sit out the game before the team’s bye week.

“He understands his body. He’s played in excruciating pain before. Extremely serious injuries. It has nothing to do with pain tolerance. “He just didn’t feel like he had full faculties,” Stefanski told Pro Football Talk.

Browns supporters were quick to question their franchise quarterback’s decision.

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