End Ukraine aid? Survey finds many South Carolina Republicans agree.

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In the midst of the Republican primary election that took place on February 24, South Carolinians flowed in and out of polling places. However, the minds of some voters were far away, focused on a country that is located across an ocean and half a continent.

A survey conducted by the Associated Press found that the majority of voters in South Carolina’s Republican primary are against continuing to provide assistance to Ukraine. This is a topic on which the two candidates who are now in the lead in the race find themselves in stark opposition to one another. When it comes to foreign policy, this issue has not only caused a rift between Democrats and Republicans, but it has also brought to light significant disagreements between Nikki Haley and Donald Trump, who are both running for the Republican presidential nomination simultaneously. On multiple occasions, Trump has indicated that he would reduce the amount of help that is provided to Ukraine, although Haley has stated that she will continue to support the war-torn ally.
The VoteCast study conducted by the Associated Press reveals that almost six out of ten Republican voters in the state are against the continuation of help to Ukraine in its fight against Russia. Furthermore, approximately half of these voters want the United States to play “a less active role in solving the world’s problems.” Based on the results of the poll, only one third of respondents rated the United States’ participation in NATO as “very good.”

A majority of South Carolina Republicans oppose continued Ukraine aid, AP  VoteCast shows | paNOW

After declaring that he might encourage Russians to do “whatever the hell they want” to NATO members who haven’t made what he considered appropriate financial commitments to the organization, the former president prompted more controversy by calling for the provision of help to Ukraine, but only in the form of a loan.

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The invasion of Ukraine by Russia, which began a war and a regional crisis that has resulted in the deaths of thousands of people and severely depleted the country’s weapons stockpiles, occurred on Saturday, marking the second anniversary of the invasion. Thousands of Ukrainians gathered together on the very same day that South Carolinians cast their ballots. They attended vigils and speeches given by Western dignitaries, during which they pledged their continuous support for the Ukrainian people.Takeaways from South Carolina primary: Donald Trump's Republican home field  advantage is everywhere | The Seattle Times

Aid from the United States to the troubled nation has become a political lightning rod that is separating not just the competing contenders for the Republican nomination, but also the Republican party as a whole. According to a survey conducted by Pew Research in December, nearly half of Republicans and independent voters with a right-leaning leaning believe that the United States is providing Ukraine with an excessive amount of financial assistance.

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