Elon Musk Says He Is An “Alien”, Claims “Nobody Believes” Him

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During a recent appearance at the VivaTech event in Paris, billionaire Elon Musk made headlines with his intriguing and humorous claims about being an “alien.” The event, titled “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Elon Musk But Were Afraid to Ask,” saw Musk engaging in a light-hearted discussion where he quipped, “I am an alien. Yeah, I keep saying I’m an alien, but nobody believes me.” This playful remark came in response to the presenter’s query about rumors of his extraterrestrial origins

Musk, speaking virtually due to attending his son’s graduation, delved into the broader topic of extraterrestrial life on Earth. He candidly stated that despite frequent inquiries, he has not encountered any evidence of aliens. “If I did, I would post it on the X platform,” he asserted, emphasizing his commitment to transparency. Musk also reflected on the possibility that humanity might be alone in the galaxy, noting the fragility of human consciousness in such a scenario

SpaceX’s Vision for a Multi-Planetary Future

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A significant portion of Musk’s dialogue at VivaTech revolved around SpaceX’s ambitious plans for the future. He reiterated SpaceX’s long-term objective: making life multi-planetary. “We need to become a sustainable multi-planet civilization,” he emphasized. Musk highlighted the unique window of opportunity available in current times to achieve this milestone, warning that this capability might not be available indefinitely

Musk expressed concerns about the potential existential threats facing Earth, suggesting that a catastrophic event could potentially eradicate life as we know it. To safeguard humanity’s long-term survival and consciousness, he advocated for the colonization of Mars and the Moon. This vision aligns with SpaceX’s ongoing projects aimed at developing the necessary technology to facilitate human life on other planets

The conversation also touched on Musk’s views regarding artificial intelligence (AI). Critiquing prominent AI initiatives like OpenAI and Google’s Gemini, Musk stressed the importance of training AI to prioritize truthfulness over political correctness. He argued that political correctness often leads to inaccuracies, which could have detrimental effects if programmed into AI systems. “Honesty is the best policy,” he declared, underscoring his belief that AI should be committed to truth

Musk introduced his own AI venture, GrokAI, describing it as an open-source chatbot designed to be rigorous in its pursuit of truth while also being humorous. He acknowledged that GrokAI had significant progress to make before it could compete with established entities like OpenAI or Gemini, but he was optimistic about achieving this goal by the end of the year

 Musk’s Impact and Future Plans

Elon Musk’s discussion at VivaTech provided a glimpse into his multifaceted vision for the future. From playful assertions of being an alien to serious reflections on humanity’s need to become multi-planetary, Musk’s ideas continue to captivate and inspire. His commitment to transparency in sharing any potential alien evidence underscores his broader philosophy of openness and truth, a principle he is keen to embed in his AI projects as well.

Musk’s vision for SpaceX and the development of AI reflects his broader mission to push the boundaries of technology and human capability. By advocating for the colonization of other planets and the creation of honest AI systems, Musk is not only addressing immediate technological challenges but also contemplating the long-term survival and evolution of humanity.

As we look to the future, Musk’s initiatives at SpaceX and XAI will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the trajectory of technological advancement and human exploration. His remarks at VivaTech serve as a reminder of the potential that lies ahead and the innovative thinking required to navigate the challenges and opportunities of our rapidly changing world.

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