Do you own an iPhone or an iPad? Update your Apple devices right now

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Do you have an iPad or an iPhone? Now is the time to update your Apple devices.Apple released a dire alert advising users to update to iPadOS 16.6.1 or iOS 16.6.1 immediately.Apple claims that the update addresses security flaws that might be exploited to attack iPads and iPhones.

The business warned on Thursday that “processing a maliciously crafted image may lead to arbitrary code execution.” “A report that suggests this issue may have been intentionally exploited is known to Apple.”The alert implies that cybercriminals might have already taken advantage of the security holes, sometimes to install Pegasus, the spyware that NSO Group provides to governments.

There are two vulnerabilities mentioned: one in Wallet and one in the ImageIO framework, which enables apps to read and write the majority of image file types and access an image’s metadata

Do you own an iPhone or an iPad? Update your Apple devices right now

Apple Event 2023 is when?How to watch livestream, when it starts, what to expect, and the dateThere is also a wallet problem in watchOS. WatchOS 9.6.2 was issued by Apple to fix the vulnerability.The most recent security vulnerabilities were found by The Citizen Lab at Munk School, University of Toronto. The vulnerabilities arezero-day exploits, which means that they use previously undiscovered coding vulnerabilities to access devices.

If the issues are present in iPhones older than the iPhone 8, 4th generation iPads, and 2nd generation iPad Airs, Apple might release a version of iOS 15 to fix them.The biggest school districts in the country have outlawed ChatGPT since its launch in November due to fears that pupils would use the quick text generator to cheat or steal ideas.

Instructors and lecturers are worried that students can use technology to shorten essays and other writing tasks, as well as exams, because it generates content in a way that evades software that alerts instructors when students plagiarize.

Education technology experts argue that while banning the tool outright may not be the best course of action, it is imperative to include AI into the classroom now as it will play a significant role in the future of our youth.

“Everyone is discussing infidelity. The CEO of the nonprofit International Society for Technology in Education, Richard Culatta, stated, “If you’re worried about that, your assessments probably aren’t that excellent to begin with. “Kids in school today are going into jobs where not everyone they work with is human.”

Real estate agent ChatGPT says AI has the potential to be revolutionary.Examinees are using technology to cheat, but the methods are becoming more sophisticated.

What is ChatGPT?
Users of the ChatGPT website can pose questions to the chatbot on any subject, and they will receive a prompt, comprehensive response in the form of a paragraph. (Generative Pre-trained Transformer is referred to as GPT.)More: Is your “neuroticism” being graded by artificial intelligence? Welcome to the future frontier of higher education.

The software company OpenAI, based in San Francisco, controls the application. According to a representative, the company “made ChatGPT available as a research preview to learn from real-world use, which we believe is a critical part of developing and deploying capable, safe AI systems.”

Do you own an iPhone or an iPad? Update your Apple devices right now


Positive features of ChatGPT are listed on the website, including its ability to “remember what user said earlier in conversation,” “allow user to provide follow-up corrections,” and its training to “refuse inappropriate requests.”Some of the shortcomings of the technology are disclosed by the corporation.

On occasion, the chatbot “generat(es) incorrect information” and “produc(es) harmful instructions or biased content,” according to OpenAI’s website. Having “limited knowledge of world and events after 2021” is the third problem listed.This month, the chatbot was asked by USA TODAY, “Why are schools banning ChatGPT?”

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