Chad Stahelski confirms that another ‘John Wick’ TV show is still in the works.

the toilet Wick Universe is continuing to grow. This time around, John Wick helmer Chad Stahelski says the franchise can be getting its 2d tv collection. now not most effective that, but the helmer says he is even eager on directing some episodes of the show it’s in lively improvement.

“again, if something clicked with me, like, believe me, man, all of the ideas that our institution of writers are operating on now, I swear to you, i love them all,” Stahelski said in a brand new chat with Collider. “if you told me tomorrow I had to do anybody of them, i might be like, ‘Cool, man. that is a first-rate way to spend a 12 months.’ they’re all cool ideas, and i have ideas on how i might execute all of them. that is what’s so a laugh approximately retaining it going. And we are doing a John Wick television show, which, again, maintains my head going.”

This show would be the 2nd set in the assassin-stuffed universe at the back of The Continental, which came out earlier this autumn on Peacock. the subsequent access inside the John Wick global is Ballerina, the Ana de Armas-starring thriller due out next summer season.
what’s Ballerina about?
The picture is stated to be primarily based on one of the assasins based within the crime family of Anjelica Huston’s The Director.
“Having [Ballerina director Len Wiseman] on board and approaching a number of the action layout from a slightly distinct angle, that means the set pieces, the individual involvement, how and what he desires to do for the duration of the motion sequences, makes it form of clean,” Stahelski formerly informed THR of the film. “So, we’re not simply copying ourselves over and over again with gun-fu or some thing like that. And due to the fact the man or woman is distinctive, we are going to get a exceptional take on matters. but as some distance as the extent, the competence or the fashion of movement? yes. I plan to be there to assist each time i will. And our 87eleven stunt group might be very actively worried in helping Len in all his action wishes.”

“[Wiseman] had a take that he desired to pitch to Basil approximately how Ballerina fit into the loo Wick international and how he ought to truly spin it and positioned his taste on it,” the filmmaker added. “So, Basil and Thunder avenue heard the pitch, and that they wanted me to pay attention it. So, I went to dinner with Len, and he pitched me on his thoughts and what he desired to do with it. I already assume he’s a sincerely good director, and i assume he gets the tone. I suppose he understands action, and i think he is got a good visual style. And proper off the bat, i was like, ‘Oh, we’ve got were given to get this man. He gets it.'”

the first season of The Continental is now streaming on Peacock even as Ballerina hits theaters on June 7th, 2024. John Wick: bankruptcy four is now available for buy wherever films are offered beforehand of its streaming debut later this 12 months and primary 3 films inside the franchise are streaming on Tubi.
the loo Wick universe maintains to extend with a spin-off film and a prequel series, and there is now some other tv series within the works.
Chad Stahelski, the director at the back of the franchise, is eager to direct episodes of the loo Wick television display and explore new ideas now not visible inside the movies.
at the same time as the franchise may also have had a definitive ending, Stahelski and superstar Keanu Reeves would consider returning if the proper concept comes alongside.

Chad Stahelski confirms that another ‘John Wick’ TV show is still in the works.

the loo Wick universe has regarded ripe for growth ever seeing that Keanu Reeves first smashed up his basement and dug out the gold coins and lots of weapons. four movies later, we’ve a spin-off film set to reach subsequent summer season within the shape of Ballerina — starring Ana de Armas — and we have additionally enjoyed the delights of The Continental, a prequel series that showed the rise in electricity of Winston Scott, the proprietor of the famed ny Continental inn.
For director Chad Stahelski, the mastermind in the back of the collection, the world of Wick will always be on his mind, and whilst chatting with Collider’s Nate Richard, Stahelski showed that there is some other Wick tv series presently inside the works, adding that he was very eager to get on board as a director for the collection whilst it hits the floor going for walks.

“once more, if something clicked with me, like, agree with me, guy, all of the thoughts that our organization of writers are operating on now, I swear to you, i really like them all,” explained Stahelski. “in case you advised me day after today I needed to do any individual of them, i might be like, ‘Cool, man. it’s a notable manner to spend a yr.’ they’re all cool ideas, and i’ve thoughts on how I’d execute they all. that is what’s so fun about maintaining it going. And we are doing a John Wick television display, which, again, maintains my head going.”
Stahelski went on to provide an explanation for why he’d love to take a flip at the helm of some episodes inside the different spin-off collection, announcing:

“I would really like to do multiple episodes of the television display simply because I assume i’d have amusing attempting matters that we failed to get to attempt in the films. I mean, simply. there’s a few extremely good ideas. And to paintings with a one-of-a-kind forged and a different story structure with out John Wick, it would be a amusing task.”

it’s now not to say that Stahelski hasn’t idea approximately teaming with Reeves again at the franchise, in spite of what some might have considered something of a definitive ending to the person on the climax of John Wick: chapter 4. however having poured a lot of their coronary heart and soul into making the acclaimed motion franchise, they may not just do it for the sake of it. “however appearance, also, that being stated, if Keanu known as me day after today with an concept, or if I woke up the next day like, ‘hello, permit’s do…”’ you recognize, i might be satisfied to jump lower back into John Wick, too,” stated Stahelski. “just has to be for the proper purpose.”
the toilet Wick film collection and The Continental are available to move on Peacock. John Wick: chapter four is now available to purchase on demand and is available to stream within the U.S. on Starz.