Apple-backed study says data breaches in US surge 20% in first nine months of 2023

Stuart E. Madnick, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, carried out the study approximately a year after the iPhone manufacturer introduced Advanced Data Protection for iCloud, a new feature that extends end-to-end encryption for data stored in its iCloud service. AFP Stuart E. Madnick, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, carried out the study approximately a year after the iPhone manufacturer introduced Advanced Data Protection for …

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U.S. Cellular Selects Samsung 5G and 4G LTE Network Solutions

U.S. Cellular and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. have entered into a business partnership for 5G and 4G LTE network solutions. In order to assist U.S. Cellular in providing next-generation service, the new agreement specifies the terms under which U.S. Cellular may acquire commercially proven network solutions from Samsung, including 5G New Radio (NR) technology. Millions of customers and businesses have already benefited from 4G LTE services provided by U.S. Cellular, …

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A fan-favorite character finally receives the happy ending they deserve in Baldur’s Gate 3 epilogue.

One specific character receives new, happier ending as result of the fifth major patch for Baldur’s Gate introducing an entirely new epilogue to the game. Baldur’s Gate has been receiving major and minor upgrades for some months now, including bug patches, performance enhancements, and quality-of-life additions like the opportunity to customize custom character’s appearance. With the addition of brand-new epilogue that wraps up the stories of numerous prominent characters and perhaps even suggests future developments for the franchise, Patch has brought perhaps the biggest update to the game to far. When Baldur’s Gate was released, some players were disappointed by the finale since it provided potentially disappointing resolutions for some character arcs and showed very little of the story’s long-term effects. As one of the few real flaws in the game, the developers at Larian eventually promised to make changes and updates to the ending. As of the fifth major update, the studio has done just that, releasing fully voiced and playable epilogue that significantly stretches the game’s ending. It takes place six months after the final battle and exhibits an impressive level of player choice reactivity.

new, happier ending has been given to one character in particular, the beloved Karlach, as result of the epilogue included in Baldur’s Gate 3’s fifth major update. Karlach’s endings in the first version of BG3 were either tragic or unclear; there was no way to have completely “happy” ending at the time the game was launched. However, as of Patch #5, some player decisions can result in different version of Karlach’s epilogue that suggests genuinely happy conclusion for her tale, offering choice that lot of players thought the game was lacking at first. The original Baldur’s Gate did not have any really “happy” endings for Karlach. Karlach was tiefling who, after being unintentionally sold into the service of the Archdevil Zariel, was forced to flee Avernus and struggle to cope with the effects of having an infernal engine inserted into her chest. Karlach’s post-finale endings were initially mix of tragic and uncertain: she could decide to return to Avernus with the player character’s convincing, in which case Wyll, the player character, or both could accompany her, or she could refuse to go back and die from her engine or be forced to live on as mind flayer.However, the enlarged epilogue endings added in Patch present Karlach returning to Avernus with buddy or two as the most hopeful outcome for her, while her original endings lacked clear-cut “good” alternative. To get Wyll to agree, players must also complete his quest, which involves either having him sign the contract with Mizora or having him break it but still save his father and then guide him away from staying in Baldur’s Gate. This ending can be achieved by using character with high approval rating from Karlach to persuade her to return to Avernus and decide to go with her after the final battle. Speaking to Karlach in this version of the epilogue will have her reveal that the characters who traveled to Avernus have found a blueprint that might be able to fix her engine, allowing her to leave Avernus permanently, and they’re going to use forge that is guarded by Zariel’s forces to fix it. The epilogue concludes her journey on positive note, even though the engine hasn’t been patched yet. She says that she’ll have the opportunity to return home from Avernus permanently sooner than she had anticipated, which is the main focus of her character quest for the most of the game. Karlach was one of the more well-liked party members in Baldur’s Gate 3, so her new, happier ending will most doubt delight gamers who loved her as a character—especially considering that some players may have felt that her death was somewhat of a plot hole in the original release.

As some players have noted, by the time of the third act of the game, there appear to be several viable fixes for Karlach’s engine, including the Gondians, Divine Intervention, and the various ways of resurrection. For this reason, some players may feel that the game’s flaws have been addressed by the game’s conclusion, which offers a definitive fix for Karlach’s engine.

India achieved in a few years with technology what took others a generation: PM Modi

On Friday, December 8, 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that India aims to make significant progress in Artificial Intelligence to enable its people. He also stated that it won’t be a stretch to say that the nation has accomplished in a few years what other countries have taken generations to accomplish through technology. The Prime Minister said that India is ready to play a significant role in the development …

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Mind Control VR Technology Market Industry Trends, Share, Size and Forecast Report (2023-2030)

The United States’ New York: A comprehensive supply chain analysis covering the projected period of 2023–2032 is included in this impressive report on the Mind Control VR Technology Market, which was released by our research specialists at Mr. Accuracy Reports. Research and development (R&D) endeavors are vital to the global market because they enable us to understand its current and potential future states. Additionally, we guarantee to provide you with …

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Mind Control VR Technology Market Size, Trends Reshaping Markets (2023-2030)

The Mind Control VR Technology report provides a thorough analysis of the general consumption structure, development trends, sales strategies, and leading countries’ sales of Mind Control VR Technology worldwide. The study examines well-known suppliers in the global market for Mind Control VR Technology as well as market competition, segmentation, and macroeconomic conditions. A thorough analysis of Mind Control VR Technology considers a variety of factors, such as the population and …

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iPhone users have been advised that using the wrong USB-C connector could permanently damage their device.

The USB-C connector has become a universal standard for a wide range of products in the ever-changing technological landscape, delivering quicker data transfer speeds and improved versatility. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and in this case, iPhone owners must ensure they are utilizing the proper USB-C ports. Recent warnings have said that using the incorrect USB-C cable could result in irreparable damage to your iPhone. In this extensive …

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In a drop test, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra prevailed over the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Both the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and the iPhone 15 Pro Max participated in a drop test to see which flagship smartphone would be better able to resist the challenges of regular use. The results of the test were greatly awaited. As a result of the results of this test, both customers and lovers of technology are eager to gain an understanding of the variables that contributed to the victory …

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