Bowl forecasts and estimates What bowl game is USC participating in in 2023?

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In what was essentially their last game of the regular season, the USC Trojans suffered yet another heartbreaking defeat in the penultimate week of the 2023 college football season. After finishing in the top 10 and having Caleb Williams’ incredible Heisman campaign a year earlier, the team finishes 7-5 and has nothing to look forward to save a pointless bowl game.

Bowl projections and predictions 2023: What bowl game is USC playing in?

The fan base has completely lost its energy. In 2022, Lincoln Riley enrolled in the programme with great anticipation. In order to live in sunny Los Angeles and revive the Pac-12, he left a lucrative position at Oklahoma. Riley is officially on the clock, even though it’s too early for his seat to get heated. Despite having the best quarterback in college football, USC was only able to produce one game above.500. That is insufficient.

The Trojans have earned a bowl berth despite the incredibly lacklustre season (I realise that word is strong). Seven victories pass muster, a quintessential Trojan achievement of “C’s get degrees.” Which bowl USC plays in will depend more on marketability than on ability. It’s still USC, even though their performance wasn’t good enough for a glamorous, high-profile bowl game. Caleb Williams and Lincoln Riley are still involved, hopefully. For the powerful corporations, that is free money.

USC bowl predictions: Las Vegas Bowl matchup for the Trojans

The trip to the Las Vegas Bowl is the most anticipated event for USC.

The Illinois Fighting Illini were mentioned last week by Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Andy Yamashita as a possible opponent. After losing to Iowa on Saturday, Illinois is now 5-6; thus, a victory over 6-5 Northwestern in Week 12 is necessary to achieve that result.

Bowl season projections put USC, surprising Big Ten team in Fiesta

Even though the matchup isn’t great, Vegas would be a good venue for the Trojans’ still-explosive offence given the general buzz surrounding Lincoln Riley and Caleb Williams. Oregon State played Florida in the Las Vegas Bowl last year, and the Beavers won 30-3, dominating the game.

The recently rebranded LA Bowl Hosted By Gronk is yet another possible choice. This would enable the Trojans to play near home and provide Rob Gronkowski with a boisterous team to support in his new alliance.

In the event that the ruling class takes a risk, USC may also play Oklahoma in the Alamo Bowl. Although the Trojans haven’t exactly performed well enough to be in the Alamo Bowl—which last season included two teams ranked in the top 25—money talks. In addition to providing enormous marketing potential, Lincoln Riley playing his old team would spur the Sooners on to greatness.

All things considered, though, given USC’s lacklustre regular season record and the likelihood that Williams won’t even suit up before making his NFL Draught selection, the Las Vegas Bowl seems like a more likely destination.

Recent history of the Las Vegas Bowl: (17) Oregon State 30, Florida 3.

2021: Arizona State 13; Wisconsin 20

2019: Boise State 7, Washington 38, (23)

Arizona State 20, Fresno State 31, and Arizona State

2017: (22) Oregon 28, Boise State 38

Given the program’s unique combination of towering national status and average regular season performance, USC is a strong candidate to carry on the tradition of having one Pac-12 and one Big Ten team compete in the Las Vegas Bowl. There are 7-5 teams that are worse.

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