Blog about the Champions League game between Manchester United and Bayern Munich.

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It’s the last day of the Champions League soccer season! During the 2023–24 season, Europe’s top club league had a lot of exciting games, top players, and drama. Tuesday, there are eight games across Europe. By the end of the day, we’ll know who made it to the round of 16, who moved on to the Europa League, and who was eliminated.

 the Champions League game

All the games will be called live, including Manchester United vs. Bayern Munich, Arsenal vs. PSV, Real Madrid vs. Union Berlin, and more.

The race for five spots in the Champions League next year

As part of the changes to make the Champions League a 36-team game, two leagues will get extra spots in the following season. But who is likely to benefit?

Compared to the current format, four more clubs will be able to compete. These spots will be split between the three best leagues in Europe this season, with two going to each.

 the Champions League game

This week, the group rounds of the Europa League (UEL), the Champions League (UCL), and the Europa Conference League (UECL) will come to an end. This will give us a better idea of which leagues could get the two spots.

It’s about the best average rating of all the teams from each country in Europe.

A draw gives you one point, a loss gives you none. A win gives you two points.

 the Champions League game

There are also bonus points for making it to certain rounds, which helps teams that do well in the more well-known competitions stand out even more.

Extra points for the Champions League
4—Taking part in the group stage
5. The round of 16
1. QF, SF, and final

Extra points for the Europa League
4—Winners in each group
2—Runner-up in the group
1 – Round of 16, (QF, SF), and the final

Extra points for the Europa Conference League

2—Winners in each group
1. Winners in the group
SF, last one

To find the winner, add up all the points that each club earned and divide that number by the number of clubs that country has in Europe. That gives us the average value.

In the Champions League, wins don’t mean more, right?

No, the coefficient method is meant to figure out how strong a league is as a whole. Otherwise, leagues with few or no teams in the UCL group stage would not be able to move up in the coefficient order. Wins are the same in all competitions.

 the Champions League game

The extra points are useful in two ways. The first is to give a sliding scale of weight to the strength of the games. The second is to give points to UCL teams that might not have many good results.

One could even say that it’s better for leagues if some teams have to play in the UEL for the rounds of 16. It’s true that bonus points aren’t as high in the UEL, but there are still five points at stake in every two-legged tie—four for the winner and one. If a team stays in the UCL, they probably won’t make it past the round of 16, and they won’t be able to help their country’s ranking by winning games.

We can see that England and Spain have won seven of the last ten spots, while Italy and Germany each won one. Another country with fewer than four teams in the Champions League didn’t finish in the top two until 2021-22, when the Netherlands did.

Based on the past, it’s very possible that two of the top leagues will have five spots in the Champions League next season.

England and Italy in 2022 and 2023
England and the Netherlands in 2021 and 2022
2020–21: Spain and England
2019–20: Germany and Spain
2018–19: Spain and England

Yes! On Monday, the draws for the UCL round of 16 and the UEL and UECL final rounds will take place.

 the Champions League game

The draw will almost certainly set up some important head-to-head matches between the top four countries. The strength of the teams they play next will also be important going forward.




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