Biden returned to Philadelphia to solicit Black voters.

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It is expected that Vice President Joe Biden will introduce a new coalition in Philadelphia on Wednesday in order to attract Black voters. Black voters are an important voting constituency that is exhibiting symptoms of weakness for Democrats in advance of the November election.

Historically, black voters have shown their support for Democrats and Vice President Joe Biden. However, recent surveys indicate that they may be less inclined to back him this year. On the other hand, their support for his opponent Donald Trump has been shockingly high for a Republican in both national and state campaigns.
For a long time, Democrats have relied on strong showings in Philadelphia and, more recently, its suburbs to compensate for their lack of success in more conservative sections of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is a state that is deeply divided and was won by Biden by a slim margin in February of 2020.

The campaign’s primary concern is not that the city’s African-American voters would vote for Trump; rather, it is that an excessive number of them may choose not to participate in the election.
At Girard College, a historic boarding school that was established to educate impoverished, white orphan boys and desegregated in 1968 as a result of a 14-year campaign by civil rights activists, Vice President Biden is scheduled to deliver a speech about the institution.

He will be accompanied by Vice President Kamala Harris as well as a number of prominent Black Democrats from both the local and national levels, such as Wes Moore, the Governor of Maryland, and Steven Horsford, the Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus from Nevada.

According to the campaign, the gathering would serve as the official launch of Black Voters for Biden-Harris candidates.

Trump conducted a rally in the South Bronx neighborhood of New York City earlier this month as part of his campaign to capitalize on the declining support that Biden is receiving from Hispanic and Black voters on the electoral ballot.


As he continues to maintain a strong focus on the swing state of Pennsylvania, where polling indicates that he is trailing Trump by a tiny margin, Biden will be making his third trip to Philadelphia and his sixth trip to Pennsylvania this year.

According to a survey that was conducted by Siena College, the New York Times, and the Philadelphia Inquirer and released last week, Biden is performing somewhat worse with Black voters in Pennsylvania than he did four years ago, despite the fact that he still wins the great majority of the vote.

At this time, 69% of Black voters chose him, which is a decrease from the 79% who chose him in June of 2020.

In the most recent survey, Trump was shown to be in the lead in the state as a whole.

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