Biden promises to hit Trump ‘every day’ on southern border.

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It is Washington. Joe Biden, the Vice President, is doing all in his power to ensure that Republicans are held accountable for their choice to veto a border security measure that they had first demanded.

In each and every survey, people perceive Democrats in general and Biden in particular to be lacking in strength when it comes to immigration and border security at the United States-Mexico border. The number of people crossing the border during the previous year hit an all-time high, and Republicans in Congress appeared to be in a position to capitalize on the issue to their advantage.

In exchange for more stringent border restrictions, they withheld cash for Ukraine’s defense against Russia that was coming from Russia. They were under the impression that they had the president positioned in a corner.

However, in a shocking turnaround in policy, the Democrats in the White House and the Senate have yielded and agreed to the most significant revisions to immigration law in a generation.

The bipartisan border accord, which had been in the works for four months, was then sabotaged by Republicans this week, as per the insistence of Donald Trump.
Currently, Vice President Biden is shifting his focus from defense to offensive in the hopes of transforming the legislative defeat into a victory for his reelection strategy.

“Every day between now and November, the American people are going to know that the only reason the border is not secure is Donald Trump and his MAGA Republican friends,” Vice President Joe Biden said on Tuesday in remarks that were delivered from the White House.

While the Biden campaign and Democratic allies believe that independent voters will see that Biden was willing to go across the aisle to achieve a solution, Trump lost an opportunity to fix what he has long called as a national crisis. Biden’s team and Democratic allies hope that independent voters will recognize this.

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“I think it goes beyond neutralizing the (border) issue; I think that Biden is taking control of the issue by really calling Republicans’ bluff,” said Democratic pollster Matt Barreto, who advised Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign on Latino subject matter. “I think that Biden is taking control of the issue by really calling Republicans’ bluff.” I am prepared to take action, he is saying. Currently, Republicans are in a defensive position. If they do not wish to take action on the border, they are required to provide an explanation. And I have not yet been presented with a convincing explanation.”

Biden says he will take collapse of border deal ‘to the country’

The front-runner for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump, has long advocated for strict border policies. He has made a commitment to construct a wall along the border between the United States and Mexico, and he is currently campaigning on the idea of mass deportation of undocumented immigrants.

Overwhelmingly, Republicans are perceived more favorably on the matter of border security, despite the fact that Democrats have labeled Republicans as being weak on the issue for years. The results of a poll conducted by NBC this week revealed that a greater number of respondents consider Trump to be the superior candidate to Biden in terms of securing the border and controlling immigration.
In the course of discussions for the bill that was worth $118 billion, the most of which was headed for Israel and Ukraine, Vice President Biden embraced new and more aggressive rhetoric over the border. He made a request to Congress, requesting that they provide him the authority to “shut down the border” in order to address what he began referring to as “the border crisis.” He admitted that there is a lack of security at the border.

Biden stated that he “never thought I’d see something like I’m seeing now” after the bill was unsuccessful in its attempt to pass. He accused congressional Republicans of “walking away because they’ve got Donald Trump calling and threatening them” while he was speaking to supporters on Wednesday at a fundraiser in New York.

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‘Political camouflage for Democrats,’ Republican senator says

Biden’s finger-pointing over the border, which Republicans were eager to point out has experienced record numbers of migrants during Biden’s presidency, was met with outrage and ridicule by the Republican opposition. Congressional Republicans who were opposed to the law stated that it did not go far enough and insisted that their harsh immigration plan, H.R.2, be passed. This bill was enacted by the House of Representatives, which is controlled by Republicans, the previous year.

“Be aware that this crisis at the border is being intentionally caused. It was created by Joe Biden. Adding that the objective of the bipartisan border measure was to “give political camouflage for Democrats running in November,” Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas, told reporters that he was the one who triggered the situation by making decisions that were unilateral in nature.

According to Cruz, the purpose of the bill was not to protect the border but rather to “let every Democrat running for office say, ‘Gosh, I wanted to secure the border.'” However, those shady Republicans would not allow me to do it.'”

“This is all about talking points to deceive the voters,” Cruz told reporters. “It’s an utter lie.”
Biden’s primary point, however, has been backed by Senator James Lankford, a Republican from Oklahoma who was instrumental in leading negotiations in the Senate. He has stated that electoral politics and Trump’s desire to deprive Biden a victory have impeded the progress that has been talked for a long time on the brooder.

Lankford stated that he had heard other conservatives say things like “it’s the wrong time to solve the problem” or “let the presidential election solve this problem.” He made this statement while he was speaking from the floor of the Senate.
“In point of fact, I had a conversation with a well-known pundit about four weeks ago, and they told me a straightforward statement, before they were aware of any of the provisions of the bill… “I will do whatever it takes to destroy you if you try to move a bill that solves the border crisis during this presidential year,” Lankford declared. “I will do whatever it takes to destroy you.” “By the way, they have been faithful to their promise.”

Biden’s border play risks upsetting some in the base

Immigration is currently ranked as the third most important problem for voters, behind only the maintenance of democracy and inflation, according to a poll that was conducted this week by National Public Radio and Marist University. With only 29% of people agreeing with Biden’s approach to immigration, there are 60% of people who disagree with it. Republican voters, by a margin of 41% to 29%, believe that Republicans are more effective than Democrats when it comes to dealing with immigration issues.

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The former representative from Illinois, Joe Walsh, who is known for his outspoken criticism of President Trump, posted on X, which was formerly known as Twitter, “I know most Democrats think the failure of this bill will hurt Republicans, but I don’t think it will.” The voting on the border is already a part of the plan. Despite the fact that Trump is a demagogue and an insurrectionist, the vast majority of people believe that he is superior to Biden when it comes to border security. This is due to the fact that Biden neglected the border for three years. In addition, I do not believe that the current events will alter that.
Biden is also exposed to a danger when he campaigns on the issue of increased border enforcement. This rhetoric has the potential to alienate leftist voters, who are already dissatisfied with his consistent support for Israel in its war against Gaza. Additionally, it may also alienate immigrant activists and some Latino voters.

“I think it is, quite frankly, appalling that he has done this pivot to the far right,” said Kica Matos, head of the National Immigration Law Center. “All in the hopes that this tough-on-immigration political approach will yield some results,” this statement was made by Matos. This is a form of deterrence that he is providing. Furthermore, we are aware that deterrence is ineffective. Because Trump gave it a shot, we are aware of it.
According to Matos: “I find it both puzzling and concerning that he is alienating his base, including immigrants and Latinas.”

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Therefore, according to Barreto, who was in charge of overseeing Hispanic research and focus groups for Biden’s 2020 campaign, he feels that the possibility for pushback is modest. This is due to the fact that, in contrast to Trump, Biden is “not advocating for mean-spirited, nasty policies.”
Latino voters, according to Barreto, are opposed to drastic measures such as razor wire or tear gassing at the border, but they are in favor of “fair and orderly” immigration. “Almost nobody in America is against a well-managed and well-funded border patrol,” Barreto said.
The longer Republicans continue to oppose the planned border measures, according to Barreto, the more likely it is that Biden will be able to exploit this problem to his advantage. Additionally, he stated that in the event that Congress does in fact pass a border compromise, Vice President Biden will be the one who receives credit for its successful passage.

“I think it’s really smart,” Barreto remarked. “I completely agree with you.” “I think as polls go on − if he stays on the message of reminding the American people that he is ready for the deal, that he is ready for action − then Republicans are going to look like the ones who are weak on this issue.”

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