Beyond mid-range: Samsung’s Galaxy A25 and A15 5G have premium features under 30K.

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Prepare to ride the smartphone rollercoaster, because Samsung is about to unleash some mid-range mayhem with the Galaxy A25 and A15 5G! These phones are filled with luxury features that typically come at a high price, but Samsung is here to prove that you don’t have to break the bank for a great experience.

Beyond mid-range: Samsung's Galaxy A25 and A15 5G have premium features under 30K.
Beyond mid-range: Samsung’s Galaxy A25 and A15 5G have premium features under 30K.

Galaxy A25 5G and A15 5G’s visual extravagance

Prepare to be astounded by the Galaxy A25 5G’s visual feast! It has a 6.5″ FHD+ Super AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate and a stunning 1000 nits of brightness, making everything a visual carnival.

Whether you’re scrolling through your social media feed or watching a video, Vision Booster technology enhances your visual experience. The Gorilla Glass 5 provides an additional layer of durability. But wait, the Galaxy A15 5G isn’t a wallflower at this pixel party! It features its own 6.5″ FHD+ Super AMOLED display with Vision Booster, offering a visually stunning experience. The Galaxy A15 5G also has 90 Hz and 800 nits of brightness, which ensures that your screen shines brightly in any setting.

Make every image a masterpiece with a 50MP camera. Cheers to the camera geniuses in the Galaxy A25 5G and A15 5G! A SOMP camera with optical image stabilization (OIS) and video digital image stabilization (VDIS) transforms every photo into a masterpiece. Even in the dark or in the thick of action, it’s a photographer’s dream. The 8MP ultra-wide lens of the Galaxy A25 broadens your horizons, while the 2MP macro lens brings you closer than ever.

The Galaxy A15 5G, not to be outdone, features a 5MP ultra-wide lens and a 2MP macro lens, opening up a world of creative possibilities. Is the selfie game strong? The 13MP front camera elevates your social media presence. The Galaxy A25 5G and A15 5G enhance your material with incredible image editing capabilities.

Image editing software allows you to unleash your inner creative genius! The Galaxy A25 and A15 5G provide capabilities such as ‘Single Take’ for a photo fiesta. Single Take captures a variety of still images and video clips, replete with filters and effects. Whether it’s your family, pets, or yourself, Single Take has you covered.

Allow the camera to handle the angles, ensuring that your photos are clear and brilliant. Object Eraser eliminates unnecessary elements from photos; Image Remaster transforms them into visual marvels; and Image Clipper highlights the greatest aspects. AR Studio, AR Doodles, AR Emoji Camera, and stickers make your stuff come to life like a digital wizard.

Make your phone a fortress with Knox security.

The Galaxy A25 5G and A15 5G will be equipped with the entire array of Knox security technologies. The Knox Suite is a powerful set of tools designed to seamlessly protect, manage, and monitor mobile devices, addressing security requirements from beginning to end.

The devices will also include a Knox Vault chipset, which includes an independent processor within the SoC and physical storage that is separate from the rest of the system-on-chip. This separation adds an extra degree of protection to Knox Vault, preventing it from side-channel assaults that could target other software operating on the primary processor.

Create a secure zone on your device with Secure Folder to encrypt and protect your personal data and apps. To move data from frequently used native apps to the Secure Folder, select ‘Add to Secure Folder’ from their menus. The Secure Folder isolates apps and data on the device, adding an extra degree of protection and privacy. This additional protection protects them from potential malicious attacks.

Quick Share allows you to easily share photographs, movies, and files with your friends. This capability easily exchanges files with a variety of devices, including Samsung phones, tablets, and PCs from other manufacturers. There are no distance constraints when delivering files to contacts via Quick Share. Non-Samsung mobile devices can receive files via QR codes and text messaging. The confidential sharing option assures the secure communication of sensitive or confidential information, providing you with reassurance and peace of mind.

With Private Share, you may protect important data even after it has been shared. For example, suppose you’re exchanging confidential project data or screenshots from a private chat. With private sharing, you can set an expiration time and date for these files. Furthermore, you can prevent recipients from taking screenshots, saving, or forwarding shared documents, ensuring greater protection and control over your important project data.

Beyond mid-range: Samsung's Galaxy A25 and A15 5G have premium features under 30K.

Secure your secrets with the Samsung Wallet.

It’s time to step up your phone game with Samsung Wallet! Samsung Wallet: Tap and Pay This useful technology simplifies in-store transactions, making them quick and contactless. Samsung Wallet also makes it easy to manage your basics within the Galaxy device ecosystem, such as payment cards, digital IDs, and boarding passes.

Future-proof storage and updates? Check!

The Galaxy A25 5G comes in 8/256 GB and 8/128 GB varieties, whereas the Galaxy A15 5G is available in 8/256 GB, 8/128 GB, and 6/128 GB models. With up to four times the number of operating system upgrades and five years of security patches, these phones are more future-ready than ever.

Transform phones into concert halls and enjoy uninterrupted calls.

The Music Share tool allows you to scatter music feelings like confetti. With dual speakers and Dolby Atmos compatibility, your phone becomes a music theater for your ears. Volce Focus and Bixby Text Call are advanced calling technologies that make communication go as smoothly as a hot knife through butter.

What more? The Galaxy 425 5G dances into your life at Rs 23,999, while the A15 5G steals the stage for Rs 17,999. Samsung is on a quest to provide high-end technology to the masses at an affordable price.

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