‘Barbie’ heroine Margot Robbie drank a special tea to obtain doll-like skin for the film.

There was more to it than simply cosmetics and facials that contributed to the cast of “Barbie” having doll-like skin.
Jasminka Vico, a specialist in skin health, was in charge of ensuring that the stars were radiant on film, and she was well aware that the secret was deeper than the surface.

Vico, who is based in London, told Vogue that lighting is everything in the film industry. “Everything in the movies is about lighting,” “At that point, I had the realization that we are going to operate on the liver, soothe the nervous system, and make the skin glow. However, the most important thing is that we are going to work on is that glow from within.”
Milk thistle tea, which is common in Vicon’s home Croatia, was one of the beverages that she shared with the cast, which included Margot Robbie, America Ferrero, and Emma Mackey.

She told Vogue that milk thistle was good for cleansing the liver. When this occurs in our bodies, our livers respond by producing more glutathione, which in turn causes our skin to have a more healthy glow. According to Vico, the tea contains the prickly heart of milk thistle, which requires a brewing time of twenty minutes in order to achieve the desired bitter flavor.
She continued by saying, “The liver enjoys anything bitter because it assists it in flushing.” “This tea tastes like something a witch would make!”

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Robbie even prepared some of the tea for her fellow “Barbie” cast members during their infamous sleepover because the cast members were such fans of the beverage.
In addition to providing face treatments, Vico designed a unique skin and wellness routine for each of the stars to follow while the show was being filmed. As part of this practice, she instructed the stars to consume both kefir and goat milk in order to improve the health of their digestive tracts.

Margot Robbie

“I gave Margot kefir and advised her to eat lots of fermented foods, like sauerkraut, for example,” Vico said in an interview with Vogue. “She thought all of that was wonderful.”
In addition, Vico always had a secret weapon ready to use in the event that any of the stars suffered from acne.
“Always use salicylic acid and ice,” she advised consistently. “First, the ice will bring down the temperature and the inflammation, and then the salicylic acid will help unclog the pores.”

Margot Robbie

‘Jeopardy!’ Why so many previous winners won’t be returning to compete in this year’s Tournament of Champions

Recent examples of some of your most-loved In a show of support for Hollywood’s historic twin strike by SAG-AFTRA and the WGA, Jeopardy! champions who have won the game will not be participating in the much-loved Tournament of Champions. A few of the game show’s champions from the 2022-2023 season have made it known to the public that they have no intention of taking part in the yearly event that will be taped in August. Here is the information you need to know about the potential reasons why the Tournament of Champions might have a somewhat different appearance this year.
What’s the deal with the champions not coming back?

The Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) scribes who are employed by Jeopardy! to compose its brainteasers walked off the job on May 2, the day that the WGA formally went on strike, and those authors, along with the rest of their union, put their pencils down. “Our words are on the screen every night,” Michele Loud, a writer for Jeopardy!, said at the time in an interview with Variety. “Jeopardy would not exist if it weren’t for its writers. Without us, there will be nothing but a blank blue screen.”

After the announcement of the strike, production on the show’s 39th season continued using questions that had been written in advance; the last episodes were taped in the middle of May. However, because the authors are participating in a strike, there will be no new answers written for the Tournament of Champions or the first episodes of Season 40. Instead, they will likely rely on previously shown content. Moreover, the champions have made it abundantly obvious that they are supporting the authors in the particular labor issue that is currently ongoing.

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