An important week aimed at revealing the options in the 2024 election

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The decision that Americans must make in November during a historic and critical election that is already challenging long-held beliefs about the Constitution’s meaning and the president’s authority will become clear during a pivotal week in politics.

As early as Monday, the Supreme Court may rule in a significant issue involving the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to remove former President Donald Trump from the ballot due to the 14th Amendment’s prohibition on insurrectionists.

In the meanwhile, it is anticipated that Trump will come very close to winning a third consecutive Republican nomination following the conclusion of the 15-state Super Tuesday GOP primary. Four years after attempting to rig the last election, the former president is attempting a dramatic comeback to the White House and demonstrating that his next administration would be even more radical than his previous one.

A defining week set to lay bare the choice in the 2024 election | CNN  Politics

Two nights later, President Joe Biden would deliver his State of the Union speech in front of a sizable television audience. It’s a crucial test for the 81-year-old commander in chief, who is plagued by international problems and dissatisfied with his performance at home, and who has serious concerns about his suitability to serve a second term.

According to polls, a lot of Americans are afraid of the race between the incumbent president and the former president. Nonetheless, unless there are any unexpected health issues or other developments, Trump and Biden’s turns in the spotlight this week will emphasize their very probable rematch. The CNN Poll of Polls average indicates that Biden is extremely vulnerable in a contest without a clear front-runner.

The fragile national unity of America, the Constitution, and political and electoral institutions are already under a great deal of strain ahead of the November election. There has never been an election in the nation where a candidate is contesting on the bogus grounds that he was forcibly removed from office and is facing numerous criminal prosecutions.

The Supreme Court never makes public the opinions it will render. All eyes are on the justices, though, in case they rule on the Colorado case before Super Tuesday primary voters there cast their ballots. Voters will see Trump’s name on ballots that were printed some weeks ago. However, there was no assurance that voters who supported Trump would have their vote counted in the event that the court ruled he was unable to serve.

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In response to his indictment for trying to rig the 2020 election, Trump has claimed broad presidential immunity. The Supreme Court decided last week to consider this significant issue. The decision to postpone the ex-president’s federal criminal trial for election meddling was announced as a victory by Trump, who hopes to delay the trial past the 2024 election.

Regarding whether presidents are actually subject to the same laws as regular people and the legal basis of the election system, these incidents raise serious concerns.

Sen. Bernie Sanders lost to Biden in the Super Tuesday Democratic primary four years ago, and Biden went on to pull off an incredible political upset and secure the Democratic nomination. The results of this year’s contest should be similarly decisive for Trump, who intends to consolidate his lead over his surviving opponent, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, by winning a slew of large states. Should Trump secure a third nomination, it would signify an incredible reversal of events following his disgraceful resignation from office, which occurred two weeks after a group of his followers broke into the US Capitol to prevent Biden’s election results from being certified.

Trump Takes 2024 Lead as Biden Approval Hits New Low, WSJ Poll Finds - WSJ

Trump is still eager to challenge the Constitution and the rule of law ahead of what is expected to be a close general election. In a campaign throbbing with some of the most vitriolic anti-immigrant and dictatorial language in modern US history, he is threatening a presidency of “retribution” against his political foes.

Therefore, Biden’s Thursday night presence in the House of Representatives will not only be a crucial chance to court a primetime audience and generate talk that will reach a large number of additional people on social media. It will represent the unspoken theme of his campaign, which is that although people may be concerned about the oldest president in history serving a second term that will expire at the age of 86, he is the last line of defense against a second Trump presidency,

Trump’s momentum is growing

With his wins in the Idaho and Missouri caucuses, as well as his resounding victory in the state’s primary last week, the former president’s march toward the Republican nomination quickened over the weekend.

The front-runner in the GOP will not be able to secure the 1,215 delegates required to win the nomination on Tuesday night, but he will be the presumed nominee in all but name thanks to his anticipated wins in a string of states where 865 delegates are up for grabs. CNN’s most recent figures show that Trump has 247 delegates to Haley’s 43. She won the GOP primary in Washington, DC, on Sunday night, marking her first victory.

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Trump has been able to unite the party’s congressional leaders around him because to his domination in the GOP primary contest. The second-ranking Republican senator from South Dakota, John Thune, gave him his support last week. Furthermore, Mitch McConnell’s revelation last week that he will be leaving his position as Senate GOP leader highlighted how the former president has transformed a party that was previously based on globalism and fiscal conservatism into a populist and nationalist movement.

Haley promised on Sunday to “keep fighting” because “70% of Americans say they don’t want Donald Trump or Joe Biden.” She was hurt by the defeat in her own state primary in South Carolina last month. However, if her opponent completely outruns her, she will come under increased pressure to withdraw from the race.

On Sunday, GOP senator from Oklahoma Markwayne Mullin said to CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union,” “At some point, you have got to call it.” “I assumed she would make contact following her terrible loss of her own state. There is no chance Hillary will win even one state as we approach Super Tuesday.

Trump’s language is getting crazier as he gains more clout inside the GOP, and his campaign is now inextricably linked to his defense of himself in numerous criminal prosecutions. Posing as a political “dissident,” the former president claims that the Biden administration’s massive bill of hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation following many lost civil cases is evidence of their campaign of political persecution.

The threat that the former president would represent to democratic institutions if he were to win back the White House was highlighted on Saturday when Trump, in typical Trump fashion, projected onto Biden the precise offense of which he is accused in several criminal instances.

At a rally in Greensboro, North Carolina, he said that Biden’s actions during the crisis at the southern border amounted to “a conspiracy to overthrow the United States of America.” “Biden and his accomplices want to destroy the American system, void the decision-making of the American people, and create a new base power that will give them control for generations,” the speaker declared.

Trump’s remarks highlight how crucial his argument is before the Supreme Court over his assertion of nearly total presidential immunity. The matter is significant not only because it relates to his meddling in the 2020 election but also because it indicates his desire for unrestricted political power in the event that he wins in November.

Biden is failing to quell concerns about his age

With his impending race against Trump approaching, Biden is under tremendous pressure to project a positive and upbeat image at his State of the Union speech. He must demonstrate that he is a president in charge and that he is able to communicate a future vision.

Over the weekend, a fresh round of polls highlighted Biden’s difficulties. According to surveys, the country is perceived by the majority of voters as being in the wrong direction as they wait to experience the economic advantages of what official figures indicate is a robust recovery, a point that the White House maintains. Regarding his handling of the economy, inflation, the southern US border, the war in Ukraine, and the conflict between Israel and Hamas, Biden appears weak in these polls.

However, the most startling finding of the recent polls conducted by The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times/Siena College is how deeply worried Americans are about the president’s age and abilities. According to the Times poll, most people who supported Biden in 2020 now believe he is too elderly to lead the country successfully. Regarding Trump’s ability, there are less worries at 77. According to 73% of participants in the Wall Street Journal study, Joe Biden is too elderly to seek reelection. 52% of people had the same opinion of Trump.

Biden's stance on Israel-Hamas war could lose him Michigan in 2024,  Democrats warn | The Times of Israel

By making jokes about his age, the president has attempted in recent weeks to allay these worries. He also had his annual physical test last Monday, following which his medical team pronounced him fit to serve. In recent weeks, Biden has also worked to strengthen vital pillars of his coalition, such as ethnic and younger voters as well as union workers. Democrats also want to press Republicans on tough abortion regulations supported by conservative judges and Republican state legislatures, following the Supreme Court’s decision to abolish the nation’s constitutional right to an abortion.

On the other hand, the latest polling indicates that the president’s age remains one of the main barriers to reelection, despite his best efforts to address it. He said as much in his State of the Union speech.

The appearance will take place at a sensitive time. There’s another deadline at the end of the week to prevent a government shutdown. Despite the fact that the leaders of both chambers of Congress have come to a bipartisan budget agreement, any legislation is difficult to pass because of the slim GOP House majority. Meanwhile, pressure is mounting on Biden as he advocates for an extended cessation of hostilities between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. His chances in a crucial swing state for the general election could be jeopardized by the rage of Arab American and progressive voters over his handling of the war, as demonstrated by last week’s Michigan primary. Additionally, Biden is requesting that House Speaker Mike Johnson introduce a bill on foreign aid to the floor that would provide Ukraine with $60 billion in arms and other aid.

Biden’s annual speech the previous year was somewhat of a success since he confronted hecklers from the Republicans and set up a trap for them as Democrats tried to paint the House majority as radical. As the last line of defense against the excesses of what he has dubbed “ultra MAGA” Republicans, the president positioned himself. This remains the main tenet of his reelection campaign.

This year, more will likely be determined by the way the oldest president in history presents himself in terms of mental sharpness and energy than by anything he says.

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