Alisha Lehmann’s glamorous off-field style from Aston Villa

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Aston Villa’s Alisha Lehmann is renowned for her incredible football skills, but she is also known for a great deal more. The attractive Swiss footballer, who plays forward for Aston Villa’s Women’s Football Club, is a fashion icon in addition to being a football star, and the fact that she has a large following on social media is evidence of this.

She has a staggering 13 million followers on Instagram and 172.1 thousand followers on Twitter, and all of her profiles are filled with fascinating glimpses of her life, both on and off the field of play. Alisha Lehmann is 24 years old.

Alisha Lehmann's glamorous off-field style from Aston Villa
Alisha Lehmann’s glamorous off-field style from Aston Villa

Whether it be getting ready for a night out on the town or ensuring that her hair and makeup are flawless while she is playing, she has been a source of motivation for a great number of younger players.

In the beginning of her career, Alisha Lehmann played for the Swiss team BSC YB Frauen. After that, she was signed by West Ham United of the FA Women’s Super League. After that, she went on loan to Everton, and finally, she moved to Aston Villa. For the 2022–23 season, her contract has been extended for a more year.

The footballer’s Instagram account serves as a source of motivation for those who are interested in fashion and makeup, and shown below are eight photographs of the celebrity:

Alisha Lehmann’s beautiful Aston Villa off-field style

1. The leather look

Alisha Lehmann

As she makes her way out on a Sunday, the football player Alisha Lehmann, who is dressed in black leather, exudes an air of sophistication and flawlessness. Adding the finishing touch to her glam outfit is the contrasting blue Fendi O’Lock Swing Clutch purse that she is carrying.

2. The sporty glam look

A bomber jacket, straight slacks, and a casual white T-shirt with her distinctive high ponytail, just like the American popstar Ariana Grande, she looks casual and ready to go out. She is a stunner even when she is wearing a simple outfit.

3. The natural look

Alisha Lehmann

The most important element for this look is her stunning pearly whites, as well as the natural and uncomplicated glam style that she has chosen to go for. She has stunning flowing locks, blue eyes, and cheekbones, all of which are highlighted by the natural look.

4. The triumphant look

Alisha Lehmann

She not only looks good on the outside, but she also looks great on the field, and there is nothing that can look better than success. The happiness that she is experiencing is plain to see on her face as she writes on her social media accounts, “I love this team, this club, and this stadium.” I am grateful to all of the supporters, villains.

5. The casual glam look

She expresses her gratitude for the stay Alisha Lehmann at the Waldorf Hilton by writing on her social media accounts, “It’s all about happiness 🤍🤍Thanks for the stay, it was amazing.” She appears to be content and rejuvenated.

6. The femme fatale look

This look was captioned by Alisha Lehmann with the phrase “Just like me.” Her appearance would have been responsible for the deaths of thousands of people. This sensual and uncomplicated appearance is significantly superior than any other look that Alisha has shown up until this point.

7. The travelling fashionista

During a day out in London, Alisha Lehmann looks really stunning with a pair of brown pants and a blazer that match each other. This style is finished off with the addition of the enormous camera that she wears as an accessory, along with the white sneakers, the black Prada bag, and the cat-eye sunglasses.

8. Brunching in Brum

The Rotunda may be seen in the backdrop of this photograph of Alisha Lehmann, which was taken from a café located in a high-rise structure. The football player looks absolutely stunning in gray co-ords, with her blonde hair and makeup looking its very best.

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