5 Amusing Plant Names to Show Your Love and Concern for Your Houseplants

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It’s safe to say that you’ve committed to being a plant parent if you’ve accumulated your fair share of plants over the years, regardless of whether they’re big indoor plants or lifelike fake plants from Target.

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Congratulations! With their oxygen and biophilic design, plants not only change your most private spaces but also grow to become members of the family.

Among the many peculiarities of being a green parent are talking to your plants, giving them names, buying the best planters, and playing music for them.

Regina George

For any plant that is partially pink, Regina George is the ideal humorous plant name.

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Holly Golightly

Holly Golightly seems like a cute plant name for a plant whose nickname is string of pearls.

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Monterey Jack

Monsteras are commonly referred to as “swiss cheese plants,” so of course we had to give it a corny plant name.

David Rose

Among all the adorable plant names, you would have to call your greenovia dodrentalis (rose-like succulents) after the real “Schitt’s Creek” star. Poor David!


Gillyweed, a made-up plant from “Harry Potter” that, when eaten, gives people the ability to breathe underwater, is another adorable moniker for plants.


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