3 Takeaways from Cowboys’ Week 9 Loss vs. Eagles

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The Dallas Cowboys faced a significant challenge in their quest for a defining win during the 2023 season against the Philadelphia Eagles. Unfortunately, despite a compelling effort, they fell short in their pursuit. The narrow 28-23 defeat brought their season record to 5-3, revealing a struggle to secure victories against teams with winning records, with only one win against the 4-3 New York Jets.

Throughout the game, the Cowboys had opportunities within reach, such as a chance to narrow the score to three points. However, a critical misstep occurred when Dak Prescott stepped out of bounds during a two-point attempt. With just seconds left on the clock, Dallas found themselves in a promising 1st-and-5 position at the Eagles’ 6-yard line. Yet, a sequence of setbacks, including a sack and penalties, pushed them into a challenging 3rd-and-long situation.

Although the outcome against the Eagles was not as dire as the previous blowout loss to the San Francisco 49ers, falling short in this crucial matchup has likely left a more profound impact, especially with the Eagles now significantly ahead at 8-1 in the NFC East.


The following are key takeaways from the Cowboys’ Week 9 loss to the Eagles:


  1. Struggle Against Winning Teams: The Cowboys have encountered difficulties securing victories against teams with winning records, highlighting a potential area for improvement.
  2. Missed Opportunities: Critical errors, like Prescott’s out-of-bounds step and setbacks in crucial moments, such as penalties and sacks, cost the team valuable chances to turn the game in their favor.
  3. Close, Yet Not Enough: While the loss wasn’t a resounding defeat like their previous game, the narrow margin and the nearness to victory might make the outcome more disappointing for the team and its supporters.

The Cowboys’ performance against the Eagles underscores the need to capitalize on opportunities and overcome challenges when facing competitive opponents, especially as they aim for more significant victories in the season ahead.

The Dallas Cowboys’ Week 9 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles seems to have been a missed opportunity for the Cowboys to secure a marquee win for the 2023 season. Despite their strong start at 5-3, they have struggled against teams with winning records, with the New York Jets being the only winning team they have beaten.

The game against the Eagles appeared to be within reach for the Cowboys, but they fell short in their comeback attempt when CeeDee Lamb was tackled short of the goal line as time expired, resulting in a 28-23 defeat. This loss dropped them to a 5-3 record for the season.

3 Takeaways from Cowboys’ Week 9 Loss vs. Eagles

There were moments during the game where the Cowboys had a chance to turn the tide in their favor. Dak Prescott stepping out of bounds on a two-point try and a 1st-and-5 situation at the Eagles’ 6-yard line with less than 30 seconds remaining could have been pivotal, but a sack and a couple of penalties ultimately put them in a difficult 3rd-and-long situation.

While this loss wasn’t as decisive as their previous blowout loss to the San Francisco 49ers, it may still be disappointing for the Cowboys, as they are now firmly behind the 8-1 Eagles in the NFC East division. The defeat highlights the need for the Cowboys to secure key wins against strong opponents and strengthen their position in the NFC.

Certainly, the Week 9 loss for the Dallas Cowboys against the Philadelphia Eagles was a significant moment in the 2023 season. Here are some key takeaways from that game:

  1. Struggle Against Top Teams: The Cowboys’ inability to secure a marquee win continues to be a concern. Their defeat against the Eagles highlighted the team’s difficulty in beating opponents with winning records, revealing a pattern of inconsistency against tougher competition.
  2. Missed Opportunities: Despite being in a position to make a comeback, the Cowboys fell short due to crucial errors in critical moments. From Prescott stepping out of bounds on a two-point attempt to facing setbacks with penalties and a sack, they couldn’t capitalize on opportunities presented to them.
  3. Red Zone Challenges: With 1st-and-5 at the Eagles’ 6-yard line in the final moments of the game, the Cowboys faced difficulties converting the opportunity into a touchdown. A sack and penalties contributed to their struggle in the red zone, ultimately affecting their chances of securing a win.
  4. Comparative Outcome: While not as demoralizing as some previous losses, this defeat might sting more due to the close margin and the contrast in the NFC East standings. Falling behind the Eagles in the division with a solid 8-1 record might intensify the impact of this loss.
  5. Overall Performance: The game showcased a mixed performance from the Cowboys. While it wasn’t a blowout like their loss against the 49ers, it still highlighted areas for improvement, particularly in executing crucial plays under pressure.

For the Cowboys, the loss to the Eagles signifies a need to address their shortcomings, particularly in capitalizing on key opportunities and performing consistently against top-tier opponents to strengthen their position in the division and the league as a whole.

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