2024 Nevada primary: Full results

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LAS VEGAS (Associated Press) — An unfortunate outcome for Nikki Haley, who was the only major candidate on the ballot, was the fact that the “none of these candidates” option became victorious in the symbolic Republican presidential primary battle that took place in Nevada.

Instead of participating in the party’s presidential caucuses, which are the only primary election in the state that awards delegates toward the nomination, the former United Nations ambassador decided to run in the primary election that was sponsored by the state on Tuesday. It is highly likely that former President Donald Trump will win all of the state’s Republican delegates as a result of the fact that he is the only significant candidate contesting in the caucuses that will take place on Thursday. The reasons why Nevada is hosting both a primary election and caucuses are discussed in greater detail here.

Tuesday evening, the Associated Press made a request for President Joe Biden to become the state’s candidate for the Democratic candidates. Check out the live results from the Associated Press below.


Tuesday is the day that Nevada holds its primaries for the presidential nomination race; however, only the Democratic primary will be counted toward the election in November.

In the Silver State primary, it is largely anticipated that Vice President Biden would emerge victorious, placing him on a road that will lead him to the nomination.

Keep up with the live results from the headquarters of Decision Desk below.

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