10 Most Popular Dog Breed

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For more than 30 years, the Labrador retriever has held the title of most popular dog breed in the United States. It’s simple to see why labs have been the most popular dog breed since 1991; they’re intelligent, patient, and, let’s be honest, adorable. However, they are not the only breed stealing hearts in America.

The list of the most popular dog breeds includes a variety of dogs. There are lots of puppies to gush over and love, including German shepherds, golden retrievers, beagles, and Corgis. With canine adoptions on the upswing, more are being added to the mix, and they aren’t all purebred. The list below shows the official ranking of AKC-registered breeds. However, according to Rover. com’s database of over one million pets, the most common dog breed is not a specific breed at all, but rather “mixed breed”.

10 Most Popular Dog Breed
10 Most Popular Dog Breed

French Bulldog

With a wrinkled face, huge bat ears, and adorable puppy eyes, it’s clear why this photogenic breed is so popular. They are an obvious alternative for city inhabitants because to their small size and relative quietness. Choose a leash or a backpack to carry your Frenchie around.

Labrador Retriever
These very affable canines are the epitome of a man’s best friend. Originally designed to retrieve ducks, the sporty breed is noted for its boundless love and passion for life. If you start a game of fetch with this dog, you will quickly notice his enthusiasm.

Golden Retriever
Extroverted and laidback, it’s hard to imagine a golden retriever not wagging its tail. Golden retrievers, known as man’s best friend, are highly trainable and suitable for both work and play. Just make sure you’re prepared for some severe hair shedding.

German Shepherd Dog
German shepherds are best regarded as hardworking, loyal, and courageous members of society. At home, the breed acts as a caring guardian.

10 Most Popular Dog Breed
10 Most Popular Dog Breed

Poodles come in a range of sizes and colors, so there’s one for everyone. Poodles have a reputation for being high-maintenance and sassy, but they are actually talented athletes and intelligent creatures who make wonderful, trainable family pets.

This unique breed produces loving and devoted companions due to its sturdy physique and kind demeanor. They are sensitive to their surroundings and can easily become overheated, but this is simple to overcome if you are already an avid fan of air conditioning.

This popular breed has a perpetually puppy-like appearance, which, along with its curious behavior and playful demeanor, makes it an obvious popular choice. Beagles are famed for their barking and howling, which was bred into the dog as a hunting instinct.

Well-trained “rotties” are cool, calm, and collected. This may make them appear distant to others, but family members know what a lovable teddy bear this breed can be. Although they may have a reputation as security dogs, this dog is ultimately a lover rather than a warrior.

10 Most Popular Dog Breed
10 Most Popular Dog Breed

German Shorthaired Pointer.
According to the AKC, the terms “noble” and “aristocratic” are frequently used when discussing this popular breed, which is distinguished by its graceful, spotted appearance. These canines enjoy being outside and will gladly take numerous laps around the park.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi
The corgi stunned experts by making the top ten list so recently in 2019. Of course, their charming appearance and cunning nature contribute to their popularity, but Brandi Hunter, the AKC’s vice president of public relations and communications, believes pop culture may have also played a role in their rise.


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